Administration & Support

Stuck with Salesforce guide answers now no longer providing you the assist you need, forums not able to reply your complicated questions or unanswered emails from the Salesforce helpdesk? We are right here to say, look no further!

If you’re nevertheless suffering with any of the problems below and annoyed with the help you have got so far, then work with Netpex so you can concentrate on developing your enterprise and properly cope with the entirety else!

We are here for you, If you struggle with below issues:

  • Wanting to speak to a actual individual person based totally within side the United States
  • Waiting long time for getting replies to your emails
  • Tired of looking forward to a person to reply on your email
  • Continuously having to explanation for your trouble to a brand new individual
  • Don’t have the bandwidth to manipulate your Salesforce Administration to its complete capability
  • Data migration
  • Data cleansing
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Automation
  • And more